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Learning At Work

How Learning In The Workplace Benefits Entire Organisations

One of the most effective strategies for workplaces to progress is by investing in the development of their existing staff.  At Dynamic Training, we firmly believe that fostering a culture of continuous learning within the workplace not only benefits individual employees but also has a profound impact on the overall success of the organisation as a whole.

Oliver McGowan Training

Recent Feedback from our Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism Tier 2

Dynamic Training have been hosting many workshops covering The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training On Disability and Autism Tier 2. These workshops have been a tremendous success, and we thank everyone who chose us as their training provider.


Learning At Work Week 2024

From the 13th of May to the 17th of May, employers will be celebrating Learning At Work Week. This week is a vital time for workplaces to explore opportunities to expand and enhance education within the working environment.


How To Build Strong Mentor-Mentee Relationships In Apprenticeships

Strong mentor-mentee relationships lie at the heart of the apprenticeship journey. At Dynamic Training, we understand that these relationships are pivotal in guiding apprentices towards their career goals, and they can provide a sense of stability in chaotic sectors like health and social care. As part of our theme around mentoring in the workplace, we delve into the essence of mentorship, its historical context, theories surrounding it, and how it intertwines with apprenticeships. Additionally, we explore the significance of person-centred approaches, considerations for learners with diverse learning needs, and the qualities that make a great mentor and mentee.

Apprenticeship Advice

E-Safety and Fraud Prevention: A Guide For Apprentices

In our digital age, the importance of e-safety cannot be overstated, especially for young apprentices who are beginning to navigate the complexities of the professional world. As part of our commitment to your well-being and success, Dynamic Training is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and tools to safeguard your information and finances. We focus on understanding and preventing fraud, a prevalent threat in our interconnected world.

Oliver McGowan Training

Oliver McGowan Training: Celebrating 250 Learners

Dynamic Training is celebrating an important milestone: delivering The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training On Learning Disability And Autism Tier 2 to over 250 learners! Feedback from this training has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are looking forward to continuing delivery of this vital training to healthcare staff.


Practical Advice For Line Managers Mentoring Apprentices

In the realm of apprenticeships, line managers play a crucial role in the development of those enroled in an apprenticeship programme. How line managers support their team members in their growth and application of knowledge significantly influences both their personal success and that of their organisation.


Easter Newsletter

Welcome to our Easter Edition of the Dynamic Training Newsletter.  It has been a busy first few months of the year for all of us here at Dynamic Training. We took part in our most successful National Apprenticeship Week, started a collaborative approach to Accessible Apprenticeships with a variety of partners, colleges and other independent training providers, and have recently launched a brand-new Website and Programme Overview Catalogue!


New Website Launch Announcement

Dynamic Training have launched a brand new website, which we hope will help us to not only showcase our Apprenticeships and Training Programmes, but also provide information, guidance and utility for our partners and learners. Lets take a look at some of the benefits our new website offers…


What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Neurodiverse Staff?

During a recent event in collaboration with Westminster City Council, Dynamic Training's Claire Gardner gave a presentation about accessibility in the workplace and the benefits of accessible apprenticeships. In this video, you can hear everyone's opinions on the benefits which come from hiring neurodiverse individuals.


Dynamic Training And Neurodiversity

Dynamic Training care pationately about accessibility and ensuring our apprenticeships and training programmes are suitable for everyone. We view neurodiversity not as an issue to overcome, but a strength which has to be harnessed. In this video, we explain our experience in the area of neurodiversity.


Reasonable Adjustments in Apprenticeship End Point Assessments

It is important for organisations to understand that one size does not fit all. Dynamic Training works closely with learners and employers to make reasonable adjustments to the workplace and education environments. We're committed to accommodating every learner's specific needs, so you can excel in your apprenticeship. As a result, there are many examples of reasonable adjustments which can arise during an accessible apprenticeship.