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Dynamic Training provides inclusive and accessible apprenticeships and training solutions across the UK.

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Apprenticeships have evolved significantly with the introduction of industry led apprenticeship standards. Apprenticeships are being designed by industry today to address the workforce needs of tomorrow. 

Thousands of organisations, both large and small, are realising the benefits of employing new apprentices and taking full advantage of apprenticeships to develop and upskill existing staff to grow their own talent.

Dynamic Training offer a range of apprentices covering healthcare, healthcare science, facilities management, project management and education. Let us help find the right ones for your workforce.

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As a specialist training provider for the healthcare sector, you can be reassured that Dynamic Training will provide the high quality and comprehensive education and training that your workforce requires.

Our training courses cover healthcare, health and social care, healthcare science, education, and facilities management, to meet the Continuing Professional Development of your staff.

Our expert team of trainers all have a wealth of knowledge, creating a stimulating and encouraging learning experience for all. Find the right course to help transform your workforce through our bespoke training programmes.

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Upskilling Organisations

Whether it is enrolling your staff onto an apprenticeship, or a training course, Dynamic Training is dedicated to upskilling organisations by providing comprehensive training and development through a variety of empowering and impactful training programmes.

Dynamic Training has an expert team of skills and development coaches delivering high-quality apprenticeships and training courses across the healthcare, healthcare science and healthcare support service sectors, helping you to enhance the quality of healthcare within your workforce.

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Dynamic Training take pride in helping our apprentices get the best out of their programmes and their careers, inspiring not just academic achievement but personal growth. It is our aim to make healthcare education not only successful, but empowering and accessible to all.

Whether you are just entering the workplace, or looking to take that next step in your career, Dynamic Training are here to help you to achieve your ambitions.

Find out about our programmes, the apprenticeship journey, accessible apprenticeships and the benefits of enrolling onto an apprenticeship programme.

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About Dynamic Training

Dynamic Training is a specialist in apprenticeships, adult education, and custom training solutions. We serve a diverse clientele across multiple sectors, with a notable emphasis on the health and care industry. Our growth has been organic, driven by business-to-business referrals and our strong reputation for delivering high-quality learning and development solutions. At Dynamic Training, we boast a passionate and dedicated team that provides tailored training programmes designed to meet the specific needs of our learners, employers, and stakeholders.

We have offices located in Uxbridge and Hartlepool and we support employers and apprentices throughout England.

Dynamic is passionate about nurturing talent through quality education and enablement within a diverse, inclusive and creative culture, to help realise aspirations and broaden horizons.

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Apprenticeship Learners

How do apprenticeships work? What is required from employers and the apprentices themselves during the apprenticeship process?

Let us answer all your questions about apprenticeships, the apprenticeship process and how to enrol staff onto an apprenticeship programme.

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Dynamic Training cares deeply about creating an inclusive and accessible environment for our learners. We have a proud record of getting the best out of every learner and adjusting our training to meet the needs of the individual.

Learn more about how Dynamic Training provides a positive and accessible learning environment.

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