Dynamic Training's Apprenticeship Webinars

Dynamic Training host various webinars which seek to inform, educate and answer questions on apprenticeships, the apprenticeship process and our various apprenticeship programmes.

Learner Information Sessions

Our learner information sessions are an essential first step in our engagement process. In these sessions, we delve into the specifics of our apprenticeship offerings, addressing how each programme can be tailored to fit individual learning paths and career goals. These sessions are crucial for learners to understand the scope, structure, and timing of our programmes, ensuring they are well-informed about the opportunities available to them for maximum professional impact.

Line Manager Information Session
Line Manager

Line Manager Information Sessions are designed to equip managers with a comprehensive understanding of our apprenticeship programmes' potential impact on their teams. These sessions provide managers with the insights needed to support their staff effectively through the apprenticeship process, ensuring that the development opportunities we offer are timely, relevant and integrated seamlessly into the broader context of organisational growth and success.

Deep Dive Webinars
Deep Dives

The Deep Dive Webinars offer a meticulous examination of individual apprenticeship programmes, delving into the content, delivery model, and the tangible outcomes they produce. Moreover, we discuss strategies for employers to enhance the impact of these learning opportunities within their departments. These webinars are aimed at apprenticeship leads, departmental educators and departmental heads within the healthcare sector.

Pre-Apprenticeship Taster Sessions
Taster Sessions

To further support potential learners, we conduct Pre-Apprenticeship Taster Sessions. These brief yet comprehensive sessions provide insights into our programme content and serve to eliminate barriers to learning or advancement into roles that foster continuous development. These taster sessions include topics like resilience, study skills, an introduction to functional skills, and an overview of assistive technology.

Mentoring an Apprentice Workshop

Assigning a workplace mentor is a powerful tool which can ensure learners settle into their role quickly and thrive in the workplace. Mentoring is a highly valuable development process and, at its core, it's the relationship between the mentor and the mentee where the development of the learner is the key focus.

OneFile Training

We recognise the pivotal role that line managers and mentors play in the apprenticeship journey, which is why we are excited to offer specialised training on utilising OneFile; our comprehensive e-portfolio system. This workshop is designed to empower supervisors with the knowledge and skills to effectively monitor and support their apprentices' progress.

Next Steps - Exploring Apprenticeships

Employer Information
Hospital Staff

Find out how to enrol your staff in the apprenticeship process, and the benefits which come from using bespoke and accessible apprenticeships in your workplace.

Employee Information
Group Of Learners

Are you interested in enrolling in an apprenticeship? Are you unsure if an apprenticeship is right for you? Lets walk you through the apprenticeship process, the benefits and the frequently asked questions which we experience as experts in healthcare apprenticeships.

Accessible Apprenticeships
Accessible Apprenticeships

Dynamic Training cares deeply about creating an inclusive and accessible enviroment for our learners. We have a proud record of getting the best out of every learner and adjusting our training to suit them.

Learn more about how Dynamic Training has worked to make all of its training as inclusive as possible.

Off-The-Job Training
Apprenticeship Learner At Computer

What is Off-The-Job Training in the Apprenticeship process? Lets explain how Apprentices balance their day-to-day activities, and the requirements which organisations have in regards to this.

About Dynamic Training
Male Counselor

Dynamic Training cares deeply about creating an inclusive and accessible enviroment for our learners. We have a proud record of getting the best out of every learner and adjusting our training to suit their particular learning needs.

Learn more about how Dynamic Training has provided a positive and accessible learning environment.