Mental Wellbeing Workshops

Our series of workshops are designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of NHS staff by providing practical tools and guidance for everyday living and professional development. These workshops cover a range of topics including mental preparation for the workplace, effective communication, mindfulness, resilience, and personal awareness.


The resilience taster session focuses on defining resilience and exploring the factors that contribute to it. Participants will discuss various coping strategies and learn how to build and strengthen their resilience in the face of challenges. The goal is to equip attendees with the skills needed to bounce back from adversity and maintain their mental health and wellbeing in both their professional and personal lives.


This taster session introduces the concept of mindfulness and its benefits for mental health and wellbeing. Participants will learn various mindfulness practices and techniques that can be easily integrated into their daily routines. The workshop aims to help individuals understand how to make mindfulness work for them, enhancing their ability to manage stress and maintain a balanced state of mind.

Time Management

The time management taster session explores the importance of time management, and offers techniques and guidance in order to use your time effectively. The aim of this session is to equip attendees with useful, practical guidance on time management.

Difficult Conversations

In this taster session, participants will explore what constitutes a difficult conversation and identify various scenarios that may lead to such discussions. The importance of addressing these conversations in a timely manner will be emphasized, along with strategies for using them constructively. Attendees will receive tips on making difficult conversations productive and turning potentially challenging interactions into opportunities for growth and improvement.