Mentoring an Apprentice Workshop

Assigning a workplace mentor is a powerful tool which can ensure learners settle into their role quickly and thrive in the workplace. Mentoring is a highly valuable development process and, at its core, it's the relationship between the mentor and the mentee where the development of the learner is the key focus.

Feedback From This Workshop

"It helped to understand what it is expected from mentors at the different stages of the apprenticeship."

"I feel it has allowed me to reflect on my experiences and realise I do have alot of skills already to support apprentices and have now developed on these with this session."

"Good hints and tips to structure sessions with mentees and how best to support them."

"I now understand that mentoring is about empowing the learner as much at it is about training. It is a two-way process."

"The group discussions were very helpful!"

"The trainers were positive and engaging."

"I enjoyed the stop, start, continue activity. It helped me think from a different perspective."

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