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Making The Most Of Your LinkedIn Profile

Discover how to elevate your career with an optimised LinkedIn profile. This blog provides essential tips on profile enhancement, networking, and content creation to help you make the most of LinkedIn. Learn effective communication strategies, leverage endorsements, and engage with industry groups to maximise your professional presence and achieve your career goals. Follow our comprehensive guide to unlock the full potential of your LinkedIn profile.

Apprenticeship Showcases

Highlighting Our Facilities Apprenticeships

As part of our offering, we offer three apprenticeship programmes around facilities.

Find out about each of these programmes, who they are aimed at, and what past apprentices have had to say about them.

Apprenticeship Showcases

Highlighting Our Senior Healthcare Support Worker Apprenticeships

One of our most successful apprenticeship programmes is the Senior Healthcare Support Worker apprenticeship, a level 3 programme with various pathways covering a wide variety of specialist areas.

Find out about each of these programmes, who they are aimed at and what past apprentices have had to say about them. 

Learning At Work

Apprenticeships: Not Just For New Employees

Apprenticeships are essential for the healthcare sector, serving as a tool for upskilling existing staff, enhancing loyalty, innovation, and personal development while fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.


Why Is The Oliver McGowan Training So Important? A Sit Down Interview With Lorraine Stanley

We sat down with Lorraine Stanley: autistic co-trainer of the The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism Tier 2. In this interview, we discuss aspects of her personal background and shed light on the struggles of neurodiverse people and the importance of remaining educated on this topic.


Summer Newsletter

Welcome to the summer edition of the Dynamic Training Newsletter! As we embrace this season filled with remarkable sporting events such as Wimbledon, the UEFA European Championship, and the Summer Olympics, we are reminded of the dedication and teamwork that drive success. At Dynamic Training, we share this passion and are committed to supporting your apprentices in their professional development journey.


Setting Up A LinkedIn Profile: The Benefits & Setup Guide

Setting up a LinkedIn profile offers numerous benefits to employees, particularly those taking part in apprenticeships and are engaged with training opportunities. LinkedIn allows individuals to showcase their skills, experience, and achievements in their professional careers.


Forgotten Your Platform Passwords?

A guide to how to reset your platform passwords for OneFile, Cognassist and Skills Builder, as well as how to save your passwords to your browser.


What Is An Apprenticeship?

Explaining the apprenticeship process.

Learning At Work

The Long-Term Benefits Of Apprenticeships For Employers

Apprenticeship programmes have become an integral part of workforce development, especially within the healthcare sector. Dynamic Training, a leading training provider, offers a range of apprenticeship and bespoke training courses tailored to meet the needs of organisations and their employees.

Learning At Work

How Learning In The Workplace Benefits Entire Organisations

One of the most effective strategies for workplaces to progress is by investing in the development of their existing staff.  At Dynamic Training, we firmly believe that fostering a culture of continuous learning within the workplace not only benefits individual employees but also has a profound impact on the overall success of the organisation as a whole.

Oliver McGowan Training

Recent Feedback from our Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism Tier 2

Dynamic Training have been hosting many workshops covering The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training On Disability and Autism Tier 2. These workshops have been a tremendous success, and we thank everyone who chose us as their training provider.