Highlighting Our Facilities Apprenticeships

By Sam Moore

Dynamic Training is a specialist in apprenticeships, adult education, and custom training solutions. We serve a diverse clientele across multiple sectors, with a notable emphasis on the health and care industry. As part of our offering, we offer three apprenticeship programmes around facilities.

Below is a summary of each of these programmes, who they are aimed at, and what past apprentices have had to say about them. If you would like to hear more about these programmes, please check out our apprenticeship programmes or get in touch with us to discuss further.

This article is part of our series of Apprenticeship Showcases. Dynamic Training, as an apprenticeship and bespoke training specialist, are passionate about discussing organisations embracing a learning culture and exploring the benefits of developing staff. To follow this series, view our blog or follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Facilities Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is a full-time job which also provides training during working hours and is perfect for both new starters and existing staff. Apprenticeships offer the apprentice an opportunity to develop in their job role, and help employers to upskill their workforce. There are currently over 600 apprenticeship roles approved for delivery.

Our Facilities apprenticeships are aimed at...

We currently offer three facilities apprenticeship programmes:

  • Level 2 Facilities Services Operative
  • Level 3 Facilities Management Supervisor
  • Level 4 Facilities Manager

What Apprentices Achieve From These Apprenticeships

Different apprenticeship programmes provide different achievements. You can find out about each programme's achievement in the breakdown below.

The Apprenticeship Process

  • Apprentices are allocated a Dynamic Training Skills & Development Coach who will support and guide them for the duration of their apprenticeship
  • The apprenticeship programme will be delivered as blended learning, which consists of both online and face to face delivery
  • Apprentices need to have good internet access and a suitable device such as a laptop, or tablet to work on
  • Microsoft Teams is used for coaching sessions (one-to-one) and for taught sessions (group)
  • During your apprenticeship programme, apprentices participate in training, development and ongoing review activities which include:
    • Induction (specific to the apprentices’ workplace)
    • Taught training sessions
    • Internal continuous professional development
    • Mentoring/buddy support
    • Completion of a portfolio of evidence
    • Tripartite progress reviews with the line manager/mentor and the assigned Dynamic Training Skills and Development Coach

Functional Skills

Functional Skills in English and maths form the cornerstone of all our apprenticeship programmes, providing learners with the essential literacy and numeracy skills required for workplace success. Recognising that some apprentices may need additional support in these areas, we offer dedicated functional skills support sessions.

To further reinforce learners understanding and proficiency, we host comprehensive revision sessions every Friday. These sessions are not only supportive but integral in ensuring our apprentices are well-equipped with the fundamental skills necessary for their development. 

For a deeper insight into how these functional skills sessions can benefit your team, we invite line managers to join our information sessions where we'll cover the structure, benefits, and outcomes of this essential component of our apprenticeship programmes.

End Point Assessment

To achieve the apprenticeship, at the end of the programme, apprentices will complete the End Point Assessment (EPA), which provides apprentices with the opportunity to demonstrate their competency within their role and to showcase the knowledge, skills, and behaviours they have gained. EPA is undertaken by an Independent Assessment Organisation who is responsible for the grading of the apprenticeship of either Fail, Pass, Merit, or Distinction.

The apprenticeship programme has been designed to equip the apprentice with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours to make an impact in the workplace and support individual career progression.

Find out more about apprenticeships and answer your questions by exploring our comprehensive explanation of apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships Explained

The Facilities Apprenticeships

Below is a breakdown of our facilities to help you find the best one for you.

Facilities Services Operative
Young Apprentice Surgeons

Level 2 | 15 Months On Programme Including 3 Months End Point Assessment

Facilities Services Operatives (FSOs) are tasked with a variety of responsibilities, including maintaining building security, contributing to maintenance, and engineering efforts, and providing key services like cleaning, catering, and logistics. FSOs ensure that facilities remain safe, effective, and conducive to productivity.

Our apprenticeship programme is tailored to provide the comprehensive skill set required for success in the role of a Facilities Services Operative. Apprentices will be trained in effective collaboration with different organisational departments, such as finance and procurement, and will learn to work efficiently with technical experts as well as facilities management teams. This programme focuses on operational efficiency as well as preparing apprentices to uphold and project the professional image of their organisation in all client-facing situations.


  • Apprenticeship in Facilities Operative - Pass or Merit
  • Level 2 Facilities Service Principles qualification
  • Level 1 English and maths (if not exempt)
Facilities Management Supervisor
Healthcare Nurse

Level 3 | 19 Months On Programme Including 3 Months End Point Assessment

Facilities Management Supervisors play a critical role in maintaining the seamless operation of services that significantly impact the day-to-day activities of individuals and the overall functionality of organisations. They are responsible for carrying out and reviewing risk assessment plans, supporting and reviewing the budget and adhering to appropriate building governance and compliance standards.

The apprenticeship programme for Facilities Management Supervisors is designed to equip participants with the leadership skills necessary to manage teams effectively, fulfil contractual commitments, and achieve or surpass service delivery objectives. 

The programme is thorough, concentrating on enhancing a supervisor's capability to guarantee top-tier service delivery by their team. It aims to furnish apprentices with the customer service prowess required to tackle and resolve issues efficiently, ensuring client and customer satisfaction remains high.


  • Apprenticeship in Facilities Management Supervisor - Pass or Distinction
  • Level 2 English and maths (if not exempt)
Facilities Manager
Healthcare Doctor

Level 4 | 24 Months On Programme Including 3 Months End Point Assessment

The Facilities Manager role is an advanced position within the organisational structure, requiring a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted aspects of workplace management. As a vital cog in the wheel of organisational operations, a facilities manager ensures that the safety, security, and comfort of both property and personnel are upheld, aligning with health and safety regulations and other statutory requirements.

Our programme is finely tuned to the diverse duties of a Facilities Manager, focusing on the expansion of knowledge and the enhancement of skills and behaviours that are essential for professional growth. A strong emphasis is placed on the practical application of theoretical knowledge, ensuring that apprentices are not only well-versed in conceptual understanding but also proficient in applying best practices within their respective organisations.


  • Apprenticeship in Facilities Manager - Pass, Merit or Distinction
  • Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) accredited Level 4 Diploma in Facilities Management
  • Level 2 English and maths (if not exempt)

Past Feedback From Our Facilities Apprentices

"This apprenticeship has not only developed my skills it has developed my responsibilities within work. It has given me the confidence to approach my line manager to take on more tasks.
The knowledge of the tutors is unparalleled, they are incredibly supportive and from my experience, really drive you towards success, my tutor had a large part to play in my success within this apprenticeship."
Terry Midgley - South London and Maudsley NHS Trust

"I gained more knowledge through my training it has allowed me to understand my job more and the rationale behind what I do.
Dynamic Training offer remote training which is ideal as you are not required to travel to a college in order to undertake training so this can either be done in your usual workplace or at home.
Max Henley - DPD Group

"Dynamic Training have been great at supporting me throughout the course. From the beginning they explained how the course would run and what to expect. I was assigned a tutor who worked in group and one to one session to deliver training on each part of the course and who was always available if any further help or guidance was required.
It has had a positive impact in the way in which I work in my day-to-day activities, I am able to draw on the new knowledge and information I have gained from the completing the course and put them into how I work in my current role.
Karen Monaghan - Mitsubishi Chemical

Dynamic Training would love to discuss this apprenticeship programme with you. If you are interested in learning more or have any questions about our facilities apprenticeship programmes, or any other programme we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us

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