Feedback from our Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism Tier 2 From The 10th of January

On the 10th of January, Dynamic Training hosted one of our many workshops covering The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training On Disability and Autism Tier 2. This workshop is one of many which Dynamic Training hosts for Oliver McGowan training, as well as many other training programmes.

The workshop was a tremendous success, and we thank everyone who chose us as their training provider.


What is Oliver McGowan Training?

Dynamic Training are an accredited provider of The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism Tier 2. This training is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of Healthcare and Social Care staff in providing optimal care for individuals with learning disabilities and autism. You can read more about Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training from our programme overview page. We also have an article explaining Oliver McGowan training and the personal story behind it.


New Year's Sale!

We are still hosting further workshops for Oliver McGowan training at your location, as well as at our site in Uxbridge, West London.

We are offering a New Years Sale on this programme, so if you would like to book onto this training workshop, don’t hesitate to contact us.


What Have Those Who Have Taken Part In The Training Had To Say?

All those who took part in the training were asked for their thoughts so that we can continue to improve the training. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with everyone saying that they would recommend the training to others, and that they were incredibly impressed by their trainers..

Lets take a look at some of the feedback we received!


What did you learn from your training?

"I learnt so much in this training, on how best to support an autistic and learning disability patient, how to be more effective with dealing with them and understanding them more, providing more reasonable adjustments for them and know how best to communicate with them."

"I learnt how to best to support people with learning disabilities and autism and making adjustments for their care and support when possible. And also to communicate effectively and efficiently with people with learning disabilities and autism."

"The training makes a better support worker and more professional in my approach in supporting the people with Autistic and learning disabilities."

"Understanding learning disability and how to support an individual with such. It also explained the conceptual framework on how to support autism person with innovative communication skills."

"Communication is key and always listen to the petient,carer or parent. And be aware and note importance of change in anyone you support."

"My favourite was learning that disability is entirely different from autism, however the same person can have both."

"Lots of different things that i could use in my work to support my clients and make their lives much better."

"I have learnt so many skills today that will definitely improve the way I do my job as I am now more confident."



What did you enjoy most about the training?

 "It enlightened me more and made me understand my role as" a carer and know how to relate with the service users."

"Group discussions, the trainer's way of teaching, the course resources."

"The tutor was able to explain in the simplest form so every could understand."

"There was a variety of videos and discussion which kept me focused and interested."

"It was so impactful and I took so much home that will help me so much in my career and how to support people in this situation best. The trainer was so amazing!"

"I enjoyed the group work best, it allowed me contribute my opinions."

"The three levels of consent. Various examples and videos on the topics."



Join us on this journey of empowering healthcare professionals and creating a more inclusive and compassionate environment for individuals with learning disabilities and autism. You can find out more information about Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training from the programme overview page.

We will deliver in your location and will also be delivering workshops at our Uxbridge - West London Centre. We have a special New Years Sale offer for this date, so please get in touch if you want to find out more!

Our Trainer and Co-Trainer

Dynamic Training has many trainers and co-trainers covering Oliver McGowan Training. Our Trainer and Co-Trainer for this workshop were Claire Gardner and Lorraine Stanley. Lorraine is using her own personal experiences to shape the training we offer, and make sure that everyone gets the best out of their training.

To find out more about Claire and Lorraine, read their profiles below or meet our other Oliver McGowan trainers and Co-Trainers here.

Claire Gardner
Lorraine Stanley

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