Understand personalisation in the care environment

Course Overview
Dive into the complexities of personalisation in the care sector with our accredited course. Designed to impart a thorough understanding of systems, processes, and methodologies that reinforce personalisation, this course also emphasizes promoting efficacious service development.

Course Content
This insightful course forms part of a broader curriculum, and upon completion, participants will:

  • Comprehend the concept of personalisation within social care and support services.
  • Grasp the systems and processes that bolster personalisation.
  • Recognize where responsibilities reside within self-directed support.
  • Gain the skills to actively promote personalisation.
  • Understand how to devise systems and structures that further personalisation in care and support services.

Who Should Enrol?
This programme is designed for anyone either working or volunteering within the health sector. Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience, this course offers valuable insights into the domain of personalisation.

Course Duration & Structure:

  • Duration: Spread over 2 days of immersive remote workshops.
  • Additional Support: Each learner will receive 4 hours of dedicated 1:1 remote coaching to ensure comprehensive understanding and application.
  • Delivery Mode: This course is offered Online via either MS Teams or Zoom


Next Steps
Are you driven by a commitment to deliver personalised care solutions? Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to make a lasting difference in the care sector.

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