Point of Care Testing (POCT) Workshop: A Comprehensive Insight

Workshop Overview:
Harness the power of Point of Care Testing (POCT) in non-acute settings. Designed for teams currently engaged in or looking to venture into POCT, this workshop offers both an introductory and an advanced session. Learn, understand, and implement POCT with efficiency and accuracy.

Key Learning Areas:

Morning Session (Basic):

  1. Introduction to POCT: Grasp the basics and significance of Point of Care Testing.
  2. Selection & Features: Dive deep into the selection criteria and features of various POCT devices.
  3. Clinical Indications: Learn when and where POCT can be most beneficial.
  4. Practical Demonstration: Engage in hands-on activities with (Your) POCT devices.
  5. Safety First: Prioritize safety with an understanding of associated health considerations and risk assessments.

Afternoon Session (Advanced/Senior):

  1. Training & Evaluation: How to train others and assess proficiency in POCT.
  2. Clinical Governance: Delve into Standard Operating Procedures and the importance of regular audits.
  3. Quality Control & Assurance: Familiarize yourself with quality standards, including the specifics of ISO 22870:2016 accreditation.

Who Should Attend?
This workshop is tailor-made for all individuals involved in face-to-face interactions, especially those keen on integrating POCT into their professional toolkit

No prior experience or knowledge required, just an eagerness to learn!

Workshop Duration & Structure:

  • Duration: Full Day
  • Mode of Delivery: Given the hands-on nature and the need for a practical approach, this workshop will be conducted face-to-face


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