Overnight Oximetry Workshop: A Comprehensive Day-Long Course

Workshop Overview
Delve into the fascinating world of pulse oximetry with this interactive online course. Tailored for healthcare professionals aiming to deepen their understanding of pulse oximetry and its physiology, this program promises a balanced blend of theory, practicality, and demonstration. By the end, participants will have a robust grasp on the essence of pulse oximetry, particularly in the context of sleep.

Key Learning Areas:

  1. Sleep Pattern Recognition: Understand various patterns of sleep and their significance.
  2. Pulse Oximetry Fundamentals: Delve into how pulse oximeters function, and the specifics of what they measure.
  3. Weighing Pros & Cons: Understand the advantages and limitations of using pulse oximetry for sleep analysis.
  4. Oximetry Reports: Acquire the skills to produce clear and quality pulse oximetry reports tailored for sleep analysis.
  5. Interpretation Skills: Simplify and interpret pulse oximetry results with precision.
  6. Competency Validation: Conclude with an assessment to demonstrate your acquired proficiency in pulse oximetry.

Who Should Attend?
This programme is aimed at healthcare professionals who engage in overnight pulse oximetry or aim to integrate it into their professional toolkit.


All participants should be physically fit and healthy to ensure a smooth and effective learning experience.

Workshop Duration & Structure:

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Mode of Delivery: Remotely/online via MS Teams or Zoom

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