Manual Handling Workshop: Moving and Handling People and Objects

Workshop Overview
In health and social care, the act of moving and handling is inevitable. Ensuring that such tasks are carried out safely is imperative not only for the care givers but also for the service users. This hands-on workshop delves deep into understanding the risks associated with moving individuals and introduces participants to thorough risk assessment. More so, it arms them with the knowledge to prevent musculoskeletal disorders through proficient handling techniques.

Key Learning Areas:

  1. Risk Recognition: Understand the consequences and costs linked to improper load management.
  2. Effective Load Management: Recognize how optimal load management can significantly benefit individuals.
  3. No-lift Policy: Get acquainted with the need, requirements, and benefits of a minimum handling policy.
  4. Legalities & Obligations: Discover both employer and employee responsibilities concerning manual handling, and get well-versed with critical legislation relevant to the field.
  5. Anatomy & Injury Prevention: A dive into understanding the spine, vertebrae, the causes of back pains, and injuries.
  6. Equipment Mastery: From hoists to slide sheets, grasp the operational know-how of various manual handling equipment through demonstrations.

Who Should Attend
This workshop is tailored for all individuals, with special modules designed for those in Theatres, Maternity, Adult, and Paediatrics.

Participants must be physically fit and healthy. It's vital to wear the correct footwear and clothing. Please note that delegates will be required to simulate the role of a patient, so trousers are a must to maintain one's dignity.

Workshop Duration & Structure:

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Mode of Delivery: The intricacies and hands-on nature of this workshop necessitate a face-to-face learning experience.

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