Facilities Management – Understanding support services operations in an organisation

Dynamic Training welcomes you to a transformative course dedicated to understanding the crucial realm of FM Support Services within organisations. The "Facilities Management – Understanding Support Services Operations in an Organisation" programme offers a comprehensive overview of the integral role played by FM in managing non-core teams to deliver safe and cost-efficient services that support core business functions.

Course Overview
Our course delves into the intricacies of FM Support Services, shedding light on their significance in bolstering core business functions. Participants will explore the management of non-core teams, learning how to provide services that are both safe and cost-effective.

Course Content - What Will You Learn?

Throughout this enlightening course, participants will acquire expertise in the following outcomes:

  • Understanding Support Services: Gain insight into the array of support services needed by organisations and the legislative factors influencing these services.
  • Support Services Delivery: Understand the current provision and delivery of support services.
  • Delivery Options and Monitoring: Explore various options for delivering support services and learn how to effectively monitor their implementation.

Who Can Benefit:
This course caters to a diverse range of individuals seeking to enhance their facilities management expertise, including:

  • Newcomers to the Industry
  • Experienced Practitioners
  • Niche Practitioners
  • Those Seeking Career Development/Advancement
  • Individuals Seeking a Refresher

Course Details:

  • Duration: Single session (10:30 AM - 3:00 PM)
  • Pre-requisites: Recommended reading via Padlet page or the Jane Wiggins' FM Desk Reference
  • Mode of Delivery: Online learning via MS Teams or Zoom and the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Padlet.

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