Comprehensive Spirometry Interpretation: A Two-Day Workshop

Workshop Overview:
Step into the world of spirometry with our detailed online workshop tailored for healthcare professionals who are deeply involved in all aspects of spirometry – from performing the test, reporting on it, to interpreting the results. This comprehensive course not only dives deep into the theoretical aspects of spirometry but also ensures participants gain practical experience, cementing their skills and ensuring they can competently carry out and interpret tests in real-world situations.

Key Learning Areas:

  1. Introduction to Spirometry: Unpack the crucial parameters/values of spirometry and understand their definitions.
  2. Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology: Deepen your knowledge about the fundamental anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology relevant to spirometry.
  3. Spirometry Equipment: Get acquainted with cutting-edge equipment used in the field.
  4. Guidelines and Protocols: Delve into the indications and contraindications of spirometry.
  5. Deciphering Graphical Outputs: Grasp the essence of the plots showcasing the inhalation and exhalation process.
  6. Hands-on Experience: Master the technique of performing spirometry.
  7. Ensuring Precision: Understand the repeatability and reproducibility criteria.
  8. Error Management: Recognize, diagnose, and rectify erroneous results.
  9. Deep Dive into Interpretation: Approach spirometry interpretation in a systematic manner.
  10. Real-world Cases: Study real-world examples to refine your interpretation skills.
  11. Commitment to Quality: Learn about the facets of quality assurance in spirometry.
  12. Showcase Your Skills: Undergo a competency assessment to validate your expertise. 

Who Should Attend?
This workshop is specifically tailored for healthcare professionals who are involved in the multi-faceted world of spirometry – from performing the tests to interpreting the results with precision.

It's essential for participants to be physically fit and healthy to ensure an immersive and effective learning experience.

Workshop Duration & Structure:

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Mode of Delivery: Remotely/online via MS Teams or Zoom

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