Bridging Plus programme


What is the Bridging Plus Programme?

 The Bridging Plus Programme is designed to provide experienced health and social care workers the additional academic study skills to enable them to progress into Higher Education.

Who is the Bridging Plus Programme for?

The Bridging Plus Programme has been designed for learners who have attained a Level 3 vocational qualification or above and who wish to progress onto a professional education programme (for example a degree apprenticeship) where the Higher Education Institution requires prior knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

The Bridging Programme enables learners to develop:

  • Critical thinking skills, addressing the known barriers to critical thinking
  • An understanding of personalised learning and the benefits of finding out and exploiting ways of learning which work most effectively for each individual learner.
  • An ability to reflect on progress towards short and long term learning goals, to identify obstacles to achievement and how to address them.

Method of delivery and course content

The Bridging Plus Programme comprises of:

  • The OCN accredited Level 3 Certificate in Bridging Skills for Higher Education. This qualification has 5 mandatory units and carries 8 UCAS points and 16 level 3 credits.
  • Accredited units from the Pearson Level 2 Diploma in Healthcare Science for anatomy and physiology (appropriate to your planned area of study).

The programme spans across a duration of twelve weeks. Participants engage in a remote teaching session that lasts six hours per week for the entire twelve-week period.

Learners must be committed to the programme, undertaking self directed study between teaching sessions in order to progress.

Level 3 Certificate in Bridging Skills for Higher Education Units:

  • Extended Academic Essay and Report Writing Skills for Higher Study
  • Essential Skills for Academic Study
  • Extended Project Skills for Academic Study
  • Finding and Reading Information Skills for Academic Study
  • Understanding Opportunities in Higher Education

Accredited units from the Pearson Level 2 Diploma in Healthcare Science

  • Introduction to human cell and tissue structures
  • The nervous system
  • Cardiovascular, Lymphatic and Respiratory Systems
  • The musculoskeletal system
  • The endocrine system
  • The reproductive system (maternity learners only)

Programme cost: £1400 + vat 

Important information

Prior to applying for this programme, learners must have the support of their employer to undertake the programme and their Higher Education Institute (HEI) has confirmed a progression agreement is in place to agree this programme can be used as an alternative entry route. Education Leads will be able to advise on this.

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