Bridging Course Refresher Workshop

Course Overview
Missed university for a spell after completing your bridging course? Fear not! Our Bridging Course Refresher Day is tailor-made for learners like you. Offering a comprehensive one-day deep dive (5-6 hours), we ensure you're primed and ready, refreshing all the pivotal skills acquired during your bridging course. This refresher comes perfectly timed, a month before university intakes, acting as the perfect academic catalyst.

Course Content
Our curriculum is designed to bring you back to speed, providing a holistic refresher of all elements covered during your bridging course:

  • Understanding Learning Styles: Grasp the nuances of different learning styles and their significance.
  • Successful Student Dynamics: Learn the difference between successful and unsuccessful students.
  • Mastering Reading Techniques: Elevate your reading prowess with techniques tailored for academic success.
  • Diary & Reflection: Dive into the world of study diary writing, while mastering the art of reflective logs, their structure, and relevant models.
  • Academic Comprehension: Understand action verbs, decode academic questions, and frame action plans tailored for academic writing.
  • Writing Excellence: Familiarize yourself with various techniques and styles essential for different academic writing tasks.
  • SWOT Analysis: Recognize potential pitfalls and plan effectively using the SWOT framework.
  • Assessment Mastery: An overview of different types of assessments one encounters during an apprenticeship course.
  • Engaging Q&A: End with an enlightening Q&A session about the upcoming course at the university.

Who's This For?
Ideally suited for individuals who've successfully completed their bridging course but experienced a delay before embarking on their university journey.

If you've successfully completed the bridging course, you're all set to join our refresher day!

Course Duration & Structure:

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Delivery Mode: Delivered online via MS Teams and Zoom

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Refresh, Relearn, and Reignite your passion for academia with us!