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By Sam Moore

Dynamic Training have launched a brand new website, which we hope will help us to not only showcase our Apprenticeships and Training Programmes, but also provide information, guidance and utility for our partners and learners. 

We are incredibly excited with the opportunities this website offers us going forward as we continue to look for new, innovative and engaging ways to develop as an organisation. Lets take a look at some of the benefits our new website offers…

Our Apprenticeships & Programme Overviews

With the launch of the website, we have taken the opportunity to break down each of our Apprenticeship Programmes and Training Programmes to help you identify the right ones for your workforce. We hope that these overviews give an insight into each programme, but we are always on hand to answer any questions you may still have.

You can now view each of these from our Apprenticeships and Training Programme pages.

View Our Apprenticeship Programmes   View Our Training Courses

Learner Portal

The new website offers a portal for our learners to quickly find and log into platforms related to their apprenticeship. This portal also provides a link to various useful resources such as the training schedule and a guide for how to reset your passwords.

This portal also allows learners to get in touch with us if they have any issues or concerns, or submit a safeguarding enquiry.

We hope this addition will help our learners throughout their apprenticeship programmes. We will be expanding this section in future, so stay tuned for future updates!

View The Learner Portal

Webinar Bookings

You can now book onto our information sessions, webinars and online workshops directly from our website, making it that much easier to access our informative breakdowns of apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeship taster sessions or training on mentoring apprentices. 

You can view each of our webinars and and see the upcoming dates and times to find which one is best for you. After booking onto one of our webinars, you will be emailed a link to join the webinar and will be reminded ahead of the scheduled date.

View Our Webinars

Blogs, Blogs, And More Blogs

Our new website will expand our blog offerings, which we are using to share our news, expertise and experiences. We have just started a new theme, Mentoring In The Workplace, which covers the exciting opportunities which come from assigning mentorship roles within your working environment.

If you would be interested in reading to our blogs, you can visit the blog section on our new website.

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