National Apprenticeship Week 2024 Report: Advancing Workplace Diversity with SEND Support Strategies

By Sam Moore

On the 8th of February, Dynamic Training were in Westminster assisting with a truly fascintating event: Advancing Workplace Diversity with SEND Support Strategies

This event was aimed at forward-thinking employers who are committed to supporting learners with additional needs, disabilities, and autism. During the event, we discussed how accessible apprenticeships and tailored employment support can not only transform the lives of SEND individuals, but also bring invaluable benefits to the organisations which support them.

Event Report

Taking place in Westminster on a rainy Thursday morning, all attendees were greeted with warm drinks and beverages. After everyone had arrived, the presentations on a pivotal topic began!

The event was hosted by Westminster City Council's Michelle Seale and Simon Wheeler, who shared their experiences of embracing an accessible workforce. Also speaking at the event were Dynamic Training's very own Claire Gardner and Oliver Hill, who spoke at length about accessibility and the value of accessible apprenticeships. As a provider of healthcare apprenticeships and bespoke training programmes, Dynamic Training has seen the value in creating environments which allow for SEND individuals to thrive. This expertise made this event an ideal opportunity to share how organisations can embrace diversity, and the values which come with it.

Oliver Hill spoke about apprenticeships, the practicalities of the apprenticeship process and the requirements from both the apprentice and their employer. Also discussed was the value which apprenticeships offer organisations who are looking to either hire or upskill staff. Dynamic Training has helped thousands of learners progress in their careers, and in doing so helped their workforces to benefit from their career development. With over 25 years in the sector, Oliver was also able to give an in-depth look at how apprenticeships have changed and evolved, and challenged perceptions about the modern apprenticeship programmes.

Claire Gardner spoke about the practicalities of accessibility, how organisations can use reasonable adjustments to unlock the potential of their workforce and the value which comes from this. In particular, Claire spoke about how Dynamic Training follows the social model of disability, which is the belief that people are disabled by society rather than their personal traits or circumstances. Claire discussed reasonable adjustments which organisations can use to support SEND individuals, providing examples of ones Dynamic Training offers during its own training. During Claire's presentation, there were many contributions from all those present who provided their thoughts on the benefits which come from organisations embracing diversity.  

A key part of the event was hearing from SEND individuals who have themselves benefitted from their employers' accessible approach. Providing their first-hand accounts gave a fascinating insight into how how embracing a diverse workforce has helped them to achieve their own goals and ambitions.

After the presentations, all attendees were encouraged to stay and discuss their own experiences and ideas, before heading back to their workplaces with plenty to think about, and plenty to share about advancing workplace diversity with SEND support strategies.

We would like to thank Westminster City Council for hosting this event, and to all those who attended and shared their own experiences. This event was a truly insightful look at workplace diversity, accessible apprenticeships and the experiences of organisations who are embracing them.

Dynamic Training cares deeply about accessibility, and would love to discuss this with you further. We will be hosting an event  at Hammersmith and West London College on the 14th of March around inclusive apprenticeships which may interest you. You can find out more about this event here.

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