Maternity Support Worker Day: The Importance of Maternity Support

By Sam Moore

The 24th of November is Maternity Support Worker Celebration Day, a time to shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of maternity support the National Health Service. Maternity support plays a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of expectant mothers, offering a blend of care, compassion, and expertise that is truly commendable.

Understanding Maternity Support

Maternity support workers are the frontline of a family's journey through pregnancy, childbirth and the first few days of birth. Maternity support encapsulates a range of crucial services designed to enhance the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care. These professionals are the bedrock of support for mothers and families, offering guidance, reassurance, and practical assistance throughout this life-changing phase. Matnernity support workers work in the community, post-natal wards, maternity theatres, delivery suites and midwifery-led units.

The main roles of maternity support workers include:

  • Helping to care for pregnant women, babies and families as a whole
  • Making routine observations and taking blood samples during and after the pregnancy process
  • Keeping and maintaining records
  • Educating parents
  • Using and cleaning maternity equipment
  • Supporting baby breastfeeding
  • Reporting problems that may arrive during or after pregnancy

The Significance of Maternity Support

The essence of maternity support cannot be overstated. It embodies the essence of empathy and expertise, fostering an environment where expectant mothers feel empowered, informed, and cared for during every step of their pregnancy and beyond. From offering emotional support to ensuring physical comfort, maternity support workers play an instrumental role in shaping positive birthing experiences.

Within the NHS, maternity support workers stand as pillars of strength and assistance. They work hand-in-hand with midwives, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care to pregnant women. Their responsibilities encompass a diverse range, including assisting in antenatal clinics, providing information on prenatal nutrition, offering emotional support during labour, and aiding in postnatal care.

Every day is an opportunity to recognise and appreciate the incredible efforts of maternity support workers in making a profound difference in the lives of mothers and families across the healthcare landscape. Maternity Support Worker Celebration Day serves as a poignant reminder of the unwavering dedication and compassion of those working tirelessly to support expectant mothers in the United Kingdom. At Dynamic Training, we salute the contributions of maternity support workers in the NHS and wish them a fantastic day!

Maternity Support Worker Apprenticeships

Dynamic Training offer a Level 3 Maternity Support Worker Apprenticeship. As a maternity support worker, you will assist midwives to look after pregnant women, mothers and newborn babies in a range of settings. Under the supervision of a registered midwife, you will contribute to the care of women antenatally and during birth, and of women and babies postnatally. You will also support new parents to care for their baby and to develop confidence and bonding.

If you would be interested ​in this Apprenticeship, you can view the programme details here.


For inquiries about our training programs and how Dynamic Training can support your organisation in developing skilled maternity support workers, feel free to reach out to us at or explore our apprenticeship programmes.

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