Celebrating Learner Success: Harry Measey

By Sam Moore

Harry Measey was a Level 2 Facilities Services Operative Apprentice.

Facilities Services Operatives are employed in a role to provide services such as security, supporting hard facilities management functions (maintenance and engineering) and soft facilities management (cleaning, catering, front-of-house logistics, post-room services and portering). As the facilities management industry covers a wide array of industry sub-sectors, this role works in a range of environments.

Harry has been working at Oxford City Council for the duration of his Apprenticeship. As with all of Dynamic Training's apprentices, Harry was assigned an experienced skills and development coach to support him throughout his Apprenticeship. This is what John, Harry's coach, had to say about his time with Harry.

"Harry really likes to be given the responsibility for completing tasks and addressing straightforward problems for example using his new skills to carry out health and safety checks of the building and equipment, checking building assets and factory condition checks. For such an early entrant into the apprenticeship he has gained a great deal of confidence and has been given added responsibility enabling him to exercise a great deal of autonomy and judgement.

Harry, with his newfound knowledge and skills, he has made many suggestions to improve the working environment for example moving the fire assembly point to a more safe position, removal of fire risk rubbish in the meeting room and the replacement of flood damage sandbags. For me, Harry`s biggest impact for his workplace is his design of a "User Guide" for the shredder as part of his project. This was and is exceptional work for an apprentice of his early years and it is in use today in the factory.

Harry is now moving on from his current employment with Oxford City Council for a placement in a new company where he can fully utilize the knowledge and skills that he has gained during his apprenticeship, and we wish him all the best for the future."

On Harry's last day, John presented Harry with his certificate, as well as flowers and chocolates to Ros Butland (Harry's Line Manager) and Jo Nocholls (Factory Supervisor) for all the mentoring and support given to Harry during his apprenticeship.

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Apprentice given certificate of success

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