2020/2021 Dynamic Training UK Ltd does not subcontract any of our activity.

Supply Chain Fees and Charging Policy 2019/2020

1.       Policy

It is the policy of Dynamic Training UK Limited (Dynamic Training) to enter into new subcontracting arrangements only for provision that meets a local or regional priority or need as identified by the Agency or referral partners, and where there is no duplication with the provision already offered by Dynamic Training as a prime contractor. Expansion of subcontracting arrangements is not a strategic objective for the organisation in 2019/2020

2.       Process

Subcontracting partners are required to complete a Due Diligence and vetting process with Dynamic Training, separate to the Due Diligence process completed to be included on the Register of Subcontractors with the Agency. Satisfactory references and  financial checks are required as part of the vetting process.

All contractual matters including renewal of subcontracting arrangement are discussed as part of the contracting monthly meetings.  All annual re-contracting negotiations are discussed prior to agreement in June for re-contracting in July for the forthcoming contract year.

Dynamic Training will only contract with organisations who have entered the Register Of Training Organisations.

3.       Fees

The fee rate charged to new subcontractors is a minimum of 15%. Further reductions in the fee rate (to a minimum of 8.5%) are awarded when agreed targets for recruitment, quality and outcomes for learners are achieved.

Fees cover:

  • Named contract manager and point of contact for administration, management information and claims
  • Monthly meetings (face to face and/or telephone, based on needs and level of risk)
  • Management Information (standard and bespoke reports)
  • Claims processing
  • Invoicing and payment (in accordance with the schedule for 2016/17 available on request)
  • Quality assurance, including observations and support with Self Assessment and Quality Improvement Plans
  • Quality Reviews
  • Sharing best practice, including policies and procedures.

We are committed to improving our own and our subcontractor’s quality of teaching and learning. As well as reviewing each subcontractors own delivery as part of monthly meetings, we will also complete quality observations of all learning that is directly funded through our subcontracted agreements on a yearly basis. 

Additional fees apply where Dynamic Training are required to deliver parts of the subcontractor’s programme, provide services such as assessment, verification, review, registration and certification with the awarding body, for use of Dynamic Training's e-portfolio system or for the purchase of resources.

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Download our subcontractor payments year 2016-2017

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