Customer Charter

Our customer charter sets out what customers should expect from Dynamic Training.

Dynamic is passionate about nurturing talent through quality education and enablement within a diverse, inclusive and creative culture, to help realise aspirations and broaden horizons

Our Guiding Principles

  • We act with uncompromising integrity and honesty, valuing customer service and professionalism with high regard
  • We operate without discrimination and promote diversity and inclusion.
  • We are an open and transparent organisation, promoting transparency across all channels
  • We provide impartial information, advice and guidance to support progression
  • We are accountable for all that we do, it is what our customers expect and deserve
  • We foster partnership working, in order to deliver and develop our services to meet the needs of our customers

Standards of Service

  • We believe in effective and timely communication with all
  • We respond to all requests and messages within 72 hours of receipt
  • We continually review and improve our communication, service and delivery to provide the highest standard of customer service at all times
  • We actively seek and act on feedback and suggestions from staff, partners and learners to enhance our standard of service

Wellbeing and Safeguarding

  • We promote a welcoming and safe environment for all to work and learn in
  • We promote British Values
  • We ensure all information is securely held and not be passed on without prior consent in line with current Data Protection legislation and good practice
  • We ensure all members of staff are trained in Safeguarding and Prevent

Quality Assurance

  • We aim to continuously improve our services to ensure our customers receive the service they deserve
  • We ensure every individual receives quality time with their assessor/tutor
  • We keep up to date records of progress and communications to ensure development is on track
  • We provide qualified staff and ensure wrap around support is available to every individual
  • We respect the diversity of our students and deliver our services with integrity, impartiality and confidentiality
  • We provide quality training to ensure a high standard of service and to uphold our reputation

Download a pdf version of our Customer Charter by clicking the image below

If you think we have fallen short at any time, we want to know - you can be sure we will always listen and work to put it right