Manual handling workshop

Workers in health and social care will be likely to be moving and handling individuals regularly and therefore it is important to ensure the safety and comfort of care givers and service users. This workshop help identify the risks of moving individuals in care with the use of risk assessment.  It will also provide knowledge to prevent the development of musculoskeletal disorders with good handling techniques.

Learning outcomes

  • Identification of the risks and cost of poor load management
  • Understanding how effective load management can benefit individuals
  • Understanding the requirements and advantages of a minimum handling policy
  • Understanding the employer’s and employee’s responsibilities in relation to manual handling
  • Identification of key pieces of legislation relevant to manual handling
  • Knowledge of the basic structure of the spine and vertebrae
  • Knowledge of causes of back pain and injury
  • Knowledge of several key pieces of manual handling equipment and a demonstration of their use
  • Knowledge of a variety of equipment including hoist and slide sheet and a demonstration of their use.