"My Career " programme is our work based study programme

It is carefully mapped to a students vocational profile. All students will be able to choose their career pathway by this point, having experienced the variety of jobs available in our “my future" and "my choice” provision.

"My Career" programme provides each student with the opportunity to work for a length of time in a workplace with a job coach developing the key skills required with the view of securing a substantive post or developing the skills that employers require for job opportunities.

Students of our "My Career" programme may then progress into paid employment or an inclusive apprenticeship on an apprentice wage.

Where required, "My Career" programme may continue to develop and achieve a student's Functional Skills in math and English.


This will involve: • Vocational profiling – Identifying a student’s skills and interests • Initial assessments and diagnostics including English and maths Functional Skills - Identifying areas a student may need support with • All about me workbook – each student completes this workbook telling us all about themselves. In addition, a student will take part in pre-placement activities that support their learning in the workplace and is designed to meet their individual needs such as: • social skills • personal and social development • citizenship • relationships • employability skills • preparing for adulthood • healthy living

WEEKS 5-12

All students will be introduced to the working environment. Students are supported to suitable work placements based on their vocational profiling. Hours are agreed to meet their needs and can be flexible in being part time to full time placements. For students who require additional support, they will receive a more gradual approach to work placement. Work placements will include support from job coaches in the work place and the employer engagement team. With reviews taking place every 4 weeks.

WEEKS 13-39

All students will be in work experience, 3 days per week supported in the workplace by our job coaches. Additional support days are available for learners who are continuing to develop their Functional Skills as well as reviews, goal setting and learner / parent ongoing support.


To download our leaflet on My Careers programme, please click the image below