Administrators need a broad range of skills to work efficiently and to help increase business productivity. Tasks undertaken by apprentices will vary depending on the level and sector in which they are employed. Tasks may include producing business documents, contributing to the organisation of events, developing and delivering presentations, providing reception services, using and maintaining office equipment, providing administrative support for meetings, using a variety of software packages, analysing and presenting business documents and managing projects.

Level 2 business administrators may work in roles such as administrators, office juniors, receptionists/medical receptionists, junior legal secretaries or junior medical secretaries.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this pathway in addition to the general framework entry requirements.

 The apprenticeship comprises of:

  • Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Business Administration
  • Functional skills Maths (Level 1) * exempt subject to GCSE Grade A - C achieved previously
  • Functional skills English (Level1) * exempt subject to GCSE Grade A - C achieved previously
  • Functional skills ICT (Level 1) * exempt subject to GCSE Grade A - C achieved previously


Initial assessment

Initial assessment will be used to ensure that applicants have a fair opportunity to demonstrate their ability. Learning programmes can then be tailored to meet a range of abilities and to recognise prior knowledge and experience.


Apprenticeships are a mixture of skills assessment and the delivery of new skills and knowledge. Assessment is done at the workplace whilst the apprentice performs their job using a range of methods which include portfolio building, professional discussion and direct observations by an assessor

Completion times

Completion times range from generally 12 months for an Intermediate level to 18 months for an advanced level. However, these times can vary depending on the skills, experience and the progress of the apprentice.

Progression from the business administration intermediate apprenticeship

Intermediate apprentices, with support and opportunities in the workplace, can progress onto the Level 3 advanced apprenticeship in business administration - general administrative, legal or medical pathways. Other level 3 advanced apprenticeships can be undertaken, such as, customer service or management.

Please click the above image to download a pdf of the Business administration L2 apprenticeship programme outline