The Apprenticship Levy

The apprenticeship levy is a government initiative to fund apprenticeships. 

Key aspects of the apprenticeship levy

  • Any businesses with a paybill in excess of £3 million per annum must pay the apprenticeship levy. The levy is charged at a rate of 0.5% of an employer’s paybill.
  • The apprenticeship levy is payable regardless of whether you employ apprentices or not.
  • The apprenticeship levy is collected by HMRC, directly via the PAYE process, alongside Income Tax and National Insurance.
  • Any business paying the apprenticeship levy will receive £15,000 allowance per tax year to offset against the levy payment
  • The Government will provide 10% monthly top ups to apprenticeship levy payers who employ apprentices.
  • Apprenticeship Levy funding can only be spent on apprenticeship training and end point assessment with approved providers
  • No organisation is exempt, the private and public sectors are subject to the apprenticeship levy.
  • For both apprenticeship levy paying and non levy paying employers, funds will be accessed through the Apprenticeship Service and you will need to create an account
  • Non-apprenticeship levy paying employers will co-invest with the government to pay for apprenticeships. The co-investment rate for with employers is to contribute 5% and government will contributing 95%. The same model will apply to levy-payers who have exhausted their funds.

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Further information on apprenticeship funding and how it will work is available on GOV.UK.  Please click here to follow the link.